Details of what you require before booking
your wedding in this Parish


For many reasons our parish Church of Our Lady of The Holy Rosary of Fatima is a popular place for couples to celebrate the sacrament of their marriage. If you, as a couple, are considering our Church as a place to celebrate your wedding we hope the information on this page will be of help

Church contributions  

Normally a contribution is made towards the upkeep of the Church, and to the Sacristan. 

The stipends for singers, musicians, etc, is arranged separately with the people themselves.



Wedding Information
Three Months notice required, six months

if under eighteen years of age

1. State form ; three months notice required

( Obtained from Joyce House )

2. Prenuptial Forms; filled out by Priest of the Parish you are living in,

three months notice must be given for these.

3. you will need Baptismal Cert, Confirmation Cert,

and a letter of freedom from each parish you lived in

from eighteen years of age.

4. Pre - Marriage course should be completed before marriage.

5. Notice of intending marriage must be booked in the Sacristy.