Ministry Groups in our Parish

Ministers of the Eucharist
Ministers of the Eucharist distribute the Eucharist
at all Masses and take Holy communion
to the sick and house bound.
Contact: May O'Donahoe at 454 2470

Ministers of the Word                                              
Ministers of the Word proclaim the Scriptures
at all the Masses, if you would be interested in
being a Church Reader please
contact  Robert Allen at 453 5301

Weekly Envelope Collection Committee;
 Contact: Bobby Charlton at Tel 453 1597                  

Church  indoor (Mass) Collectors;
Contact:  Robert Allen at Tel, 453 5301

Church Carers;

[Cleaning Every Monday Morning at 10.30am]



We are always looking for new people in the various ministries.
At the moment we need some new readers,

If you think you would be suitable
please make contact with any of the above contact persons.
It might change your life.