Parish Pastoral Council


Fr. Fergal MacDonagh P.P.

Tel; 087 244 1128



Robert Allen.

Tel; 087 2574 265


Vice Chairperson
Christine Charlton.
Tel: 453 1597


Sr. Bernadette,

Tel; Tel; 086 313 1881


The Parish Pastoral Council is made up of parishioners who have an interest in the life and development of the parish.

The Parish Pastoral Council enables priests and people to work together to build up a dynamic Christian community that is characterised by faith, mission, worship and service. The Parish Pastoral Council is not a group of experts in catechesis, liturgy, pastoral care or education but ordinary members of the parish working in an advisory capacity. The council assists the priests in providing leadership for Parish Ministries, Programs, and Activities.

The Parish Council researches, and sets goals for the development and growth of our parish community.


Members of the current council

  Mary Revile, Maureen Lowney, Margaret Bolger,

Matt Cooley, Helena Kennedy and Breda Galligan,


Parish Council Mission Statement

We, the members of the Parish Pastoral Council

Of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fatima,

Believe and pledge us to work in a collaborative

ministry, the priests, religious and people striving together in the Mission

of the Church. Having nourished ourselves with Word and Eucharist,

and having encountered Jesus in the Sacraments, we are ready

to actively take part in the evangelisation of our neighbourhood,

and of our society.

We believe that the proclamation of God's word and the witness

of a Christian life are vital, especially to young people.

We believe that we are mandated by Jesus to reach out and welcome

people of different cultures and traditions.

We believe that it is our task to integrate new members into our

faith community, especially through the Sacraments of Initiation.

We believe that we are at the service of the faith community,

That we must listen in order to discern their needs, in order to

respond in an effective way.

We believe that we must constantly strive to renew ourselves

in the reading of scripture, personal prayer and in our common worship,

that we equip ourselves to serve the faith community by educating

ourselves in the most effective ways of active

listening and working together as a group.