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We welcome into our Christian Family
three new babies baptised recently in Rialto.
Baby Mishel eva Abraham...... January.
Noah James Cantwell. ...... February
Arthur Patrick Oates. ...... March
Photo shows baby Arthur Patrick Oates with his parents
Pamela and Peter Oates and big sister Edith





 21st August 2016


Last week , Fr. Gobezayehu returned to his native Ethiopia. He leaves behind many friends and he brings with him many happy memories. Hopefully we will not lose contact and in the years ahead our parishes hope to be able to adopt a project in Fr. Gobezayehu's home Diocese. Later in the year we will have more information on this project. Thanks to everyone  in both Parishes who organised the collection for Fr. Gobezayehu and especially to everyone who contributed. The amount raised to give to Fr. Gobezayehu amounted to € 3360 - an amazingly generous gift. Thanks also to those who organised the refreshments after both farewell Masses, in Rialto on the 7th and in Dolphins Barn on the 14th In our Parish Newsletter next week, we will print a message from Fr. Gobezayehu. We wish him well as he begins a new chapter in his ministry. Below are some photos from the farewell event in Rialto.










































                      On Sunday 29th May 2016 after the 10.30am Mass

the Tree Of Hope Organisation

who offer support to all who are sadly affected by suicide or living with mental health issues,  planted a tree of hope  in the church garden.

Visit their website at

The tree was blessed by Fr. Gerry and tea / coffee was served at the back of the church by members of the Parish Council.








On the feast of Corpus Christi we held our procession carrying the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of the parish, returning to the church for Benediction.










27th May 2016

CONFIRMATION;  Congratulations to the girls from Loreto Senior School who were confirmed by Monsignor Dan O'Connor  last week. A special thanks to all who were involved in the preparations.















FATIMA 2016 



 "30 years a singing"

The  Parish Folk Group celebrated their thirty years together at a special Mass tonight (17-Oct-2015)





 Group from our parish in Fatima for May 13th 2015



My Pilgrimage to Fátima: A Journey to Jesus through Mary

My Pilgrimage to Fátima: A Journey to Jesus through Mary

By Fr. Gobezayehu Yilma

The seven days I stayed in Fátima are one of the most beautiful days of my life. It was both an honour and a great joy to be a spiritual leader to a group of 22 pilgrims, 8 fantastic people from our parish and 14 other people from different parts of Ireland. Because of a limited space here, I would like to share with you only a succinct account of my own humble journey to Fátima.

My journey to Fátima was a journey of faith; it was a journey to Jesus through Mary. For Fátima is very simple but yet very powerful place to meet Jesus. The simplicity of Fátima begins from the message that Our Lady addressed to the three little shepherds (Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia) at the Cova da Iria. To use the words of St. John Paul II, it is a genuine expression of the gospel, inviting us to penance and prayer and thus to conversion and holiness. The abiding force of this message is so simple and clear but yet so demanding, which points to the way to reconciliation and concord among peoples. Fátima is a place of conversion, a place of peace, a place of simplicity and a place of faith. The 'yes' of Our Lady to God's apparently impossible will, the 'yes' of the three shepherds to Our Lady's invitation to penance and prayer, the 'yes' of the people of Fátima to the three shepherds and the 'yes' of the people of God and the universal Church to the cause of Fátima made Fátima the place where sinners meet Jesus through Mary. Indeed Fátima is a place of sacrifice and penance.

I have heard a lot about Fátima since my childhood. But, believe me, what I have seen and witnessed myself in those seven nights, specially the depth of faith people have, the serenity of the place, the devotion to Our Lady, the great personalities of the pilgrims, the cry and remorse of the sinners and the stunning holy places were all beyond my imagination.

I went to the Capelinha (Chapel of Apparitions) most of the early mornings to pray the rosary and to hear mass in different languages. Early mornings in Fátima were so peaceful and quiet. All shops were still close. The air was so fresh. The sky was gently blue, reminding me the garment of Our Lady, and the sun was just peaking from the horizon. The first morning I was there to pray the rosary, a notice with different languages caught my attention: "Fátima is a place of adoration. Enter as a pilgrim." This message was always at the back of my mind during my six days of stay in Fátima as both a guide and reminder of why I was there. To enter as a pilgrim meant for me to walk towards a deeper conversion to Jesus through Mary. Fátima is indeed a place of adoration where you meet Jesus through Mary.

My seven days experience in Fátima, including: 1) the privilege of celebrating Holy Masses at the Capelinha and at our beautiful chapel in the hotel. 2) The visits we had to different historical and holy places in Portugal. 3) My own quality time I had every morning praying the rosary alone meditatively and slowly: 4) The care and love I received from the pilgrims of our parish and the wonderful and professional guides Pilgrimages Abroad put at our disposal. 5) The great food and craic I had with members of our group in our hotel made my journey enjoyable. Most importantly the two special occasions: first, the beautiful and devout candle light procession we had every night especially the stunning vigil ceremony on the 12th of May (singing A treze de Maio, Na Cova da Iria, Apar'ceu brilhando, A Virgem Maria. Avé, Avé, Avé Maria and Concluding with Salve Regina), and second, the celebration of holy Mass the next day in the presence of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world which was concluded by a most moving song Adeus Maria, a great farewell to the statue of Our Lady with a very emotional sea of waving white hankies made my journey to Jesus through Mary the most powerful, beautiful and fruitful to date.

It was also a beautiful occasion to pray for people I promised to pray for and to offer to Our Lady the intentions of my parishners. I would like to say go raibh míle maith agat to all the people who made my journey to Fátima possible, especially……

God bless and Obrigado


Repairs to tarmacadam  in church grounds,  Dec 2014



Dec 12th 2014 

The new wheelchair ramp at the back door of the church under construction, this brings us to the final stage of getting certified for 'Disability Accessibility'


 Pilgrims from our two parishes in Lourdes September 2014



September  2014 

 We welcome our new Parish Priest Fr. Fergal MacDonagh P.P.  Fr. Fegal comes to us from Ringsend Parish and we want to extend a very warm welcome to him and hope he is happy here in his new home in Dolphins Barn and Rialto.






A distinguished visitor to our Parish this week, The Most  Rev.

Bishop Abraham Desta from Ethiopia pictured here with Fr.Gobezayehu
and Fr. Diarmuid.

 April 2014






29th December 2013 

Parishioner Grace Lyons

 was presented with the Benemerenti medal by Msgr Enda Lloyd Episcopal Vicar with responsibility for the Deaneries of Bray, Donnybrook, Dun Laoghaire and Wicklow.

The presentation took place at Mass in the Parish of the Assumption, Booterstown, where Grace is music Director. The parish has just concluded a year of events to mark their bicentenary

,Grace has been involved  here in our parish all her life. She was being honoured for a life time of service to church music.

She was one of the founder members of Dublin Lourdes Choir and has sung in Lourdes each year for the past 40 years also with Our Lady's Choral Society and involved with the Maynooth summer school for liturgical music. Grace was choir  leader in our parish for many years . 



A selection of pictures from the Opening and Blessing of the new extension to the Loreto Senior Primary School on the 22nd of November 2013 by His Grace Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Sr. Noelle Corscadden, Provencial.  Also in pictures is Ms. Angela Mitchell, Principal and Fr. Diarmuid Byrne, Chairman of the Board of Management.
































  November 2013





We welcome

Fr. Gobezayehu Yilma 

as our new Parish Chaplain, 2010

Easter 2010

Group from our parish at Fatima May 2009

Bishop Fiachra O'Ceallaigh administered the Sacrament

 of Confirmation to the children of Loretto School

on Friday May 25th. 2007. We congratulate the
children and their parents


 May 2007

A group of Pilgrims from our parish visit Our Lady's Shrine at Fatima

for the 90th anniversary of the first apparition to the three children.

Our parish is the only parish in the Archdioceses of Dublin

dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima

   The month of May commemorates the first of the apparition's

of Our Lady to the three children at Fatima.

May 13th Feast of the first apparition of Our Lady

to the three children 

Lucia Santos, Jacinta and Francisco Marto.


On Easter Sunday 2007 we had a visit from Archbishop